About Us



OCT 1, 2019: We relaunched Calm the Ham under the rebrand of Very on Brand.

In 2012, the Calm The Ham collection was created as a side project (and very much still is), an escape into designing. Designs have been featured on websites such as Fast Company, MTV, Gizmodo and other popular blogs.  

What we've learned is you can be a dreamer and a realist; have strength and show weakness; be an artist while running a stable business. These things aren’t mutually exclusive and when put together can help you thrive.


I am Emily Colman, a hype-woman living in Austin, TX. I found my first Calm The Ham Filmography book dusty in the back of a closet in the fall of 2018. While moving from New York to Austin, I foundout (my now fiancé) Cathryn Lavery was keeping a big secret. This entire time we were together she was a graphic designer posing a normal product designer! We were living in Astoria together at the time and her designs made me fall in love all over again! 

Fast forward to today, Calm the Ham came out of closet (and so did Cat). I'm relaunching the iconic line Calm the Ham under VERY ON BRAND because frankly there's demand and we think it might be fun to jump back in!  We consider life a fun experiment, using design and business as a vehicle to live a life of excitement. We want to help young entrepreneurs and designers by documenting our experiences as we straddle these seemingly opposing worlds, sharing big wins and crushing failures.

You can follow this journey by checking Calm the Ham about business, design and entrepreneurship.